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PCB Design Services and ICT Technical Services

WideLab offers PCB design service for a variety of products applications. Feel free to contact us for details

WideLab offers several ICT services on hardware & software for PC Desktop & Notebook other than security services, clouds, data backups, internet, network and WiFi-LAN, web design ... Feel free to contact us for details

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Samsung 840 EVO Review

by Anand Lal Shimpi I'm continually amazed by Samsung's rise to power in the SSD space. If you compare their market dominating products today to what we were reviewing from Samsung just a few years ago you'd assume they came from a different company. Full article : Samsung 840 EVO Review





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The 7 Reasons Desktop Android Will Grow Google's Chrome OS is on a roll, with Chromebook sales beginning to make significant inroads into the Windows notebook share. Yet, for every new Chromebook that appeared at CES this week -- including the first Chromebase all-in-one (AiO) PC from LG -- there seemed to be a new Android notebook or AiO as well.


SanDisk unleashes world's first 128GB microSD card
Almost 10 years after the microSD card format was introduced with 2GB of capacity, SanDisk has unveiled a new model of the popular removable storage card with more than 60 times that original storage capacity. ...

Article: SanDisk unleashes world's first 128GB microSD card

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Altium EDA Software

Next Generation Electronics Design
We help designers focus on creating new functionality and product differentiation, to build the next generation of electronic products. Our EDA software platform (Electronic Design Automation) helps designers to innovate in a risk-free environment by providing them with the tools and systems they need to generate real solutions for their electronics issues :